Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Conversation & Pooh

I really love this quote plus I love Winnie the Pooh.

This makes me think of a conversation my son Ridge was having. He had no idea I was listening. It was sweet and I know I only caught the middle of it. Monday when there was no school and he was playing with his Lego's and the girls were making noise in the living room. I walked back the hallway. I heard Ridge talking but I knew no one was in there. He was talking to his siblings in Heaven. I heard him say , My birthday is next Monday & I wish you all could be here. Oh yeah and Mom she is the coolest Mom. I know she misses you alot all of us do. Mom always says your always in our hearts. Then he went on to say I can't wait to meet you all someday. I was in tears and I thought of that Winnie the Pooh quote. My Ridge he is so great all the kids are. He doesn't care where he is or where at he will talk to them just like he is right there with them. Just melts my heart.


Tiffany said...

oh my goodness! ::TEARS:: So beautiful <3

Holly said...

I love that he was talking to them

Trennia said...

That is the sweetest thing I've heard all day...bless his heart you have such a sweet young man!

That corgi :) said...

he is such a good kid (as are all your children, Caroline!!) He has a level of compassion a lot of kids his age doesn't have, happy early birthday to him!


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