Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday's Thoughts

The past couple weeks have been tough. I'm not complaining but I have been sad. I'm not feeling sorry for myself but GRIEF has gotten a hold of me. I try my best to fake a smile sometimes , cause I know somewhere , someone else is having a harder time than me. It's just the holidays which I love and when you have kids they are just so special.

Losing people which everyone goes through in this lifetime is something we can't escape. It's sad it hurts , sometimes I wish I knew when it was going to happen but only God knows that. I remember my Mom telling me you really wouldn't want to know sweetie. It's never easy to let go even if someone is given a certain amount of time or just is up and gone. The past two weeks I have lost 6 people I know 2 were related and others were friends. Then there just is the normal missing ones that have already gone this time of year.

Over the weekend I decided I wanted to do something to make someone else SMILE that might be hurting. Paul had to work the weekend so I had a little extra time with just the kids and I. I was going through some images on the computer and I decided on one to use for my BLM friends or anyone else that wanted one. Yesterday I put the ones I had done on facebook. After the ones I made them for seen them it was nice to here the kind words they had to say. It made my heart feel good to make someone else HAPPY. It sorta took some of that sadness that I have been feeling away. I know it's still there but I'm doing better.

Here is the image I used and if anyone would like one with the name of a special someone that has passed on I would love to do it for you or them. I put Angel Babies to remember my sweet children that are already in Heaven.

I remember something my Dad told me once when I was young. We were going to someones calling hrs. I asked Dad why we go to a lot of them. Our parents took us when we were young not real small but old enough to know what is going on. My Dad told me that going to this ( Calling hrs ) is no different then being happy when we welcome a child through birth. People need you to be there for them. Sure it is a SAD time but it is life. He also told me you never know when you might have to walk that road and it is so much easier to have people there. Dad you really taught me alot and I'm so thankful.


Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

:) What a sweet thing to do!

Trennia said...

I love mine you made me, it really did bless my heart.

That corgi :) said...

that was a very nice thing to make, Caroline. I'm sure it was appreciated by all BLMs. You have had a lot of losses recently; it is so hard I know. I think your mom and dad did give good advice, we really wouldn't want to know when everyone's time comes and your dad was right about being there for people at their time of grief with hopes people will be there at your time of grief. I think we just need to continue to live life fully every single day and always tell people we love how much we love them and appreciate them.

hugs to you,


Lisette said...

I love mine, THANK YOU so much for your beautiful and kind heart.

~Sandy said...

That is very thoughtful of you. ((hugs)) I sure hope your spirit is lifted soon. It is hard to loose someone, but to loose so many in a short period of time and around the holidays would be very hard. My thoughts & prayers are with you my friend. ((hugs))

Sarita Boyette said...

I'm so sorry you have had a rough few weeks and I know the holidays can bring up bittersweet memories also. Making pictures for BLMs was a great idea - I love mine!
My parents always took me to funerals and visitations, too. Death is a part of our life, and I was taught to respect the feelings of the bereaved.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's so pretty. So sorry for the loses you have suffered recently.

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