Monday, November 15, 2010

Garden Time with some Work + Fun

Sunday afternoon we went to the school to work in the garden. They had a work day set for last Sunday Nov 7th but it rained :( I was really looking forward to going. But we got to go yesterday and we had a blast. I love getting outside and working like that. Thaniqua's teacher is in charge of the garden so she was there with her son. Thaniqua , Jennifer and I went. Ridge wanted to stay home and play. Paul got some Daddy / Daughter time with Carly. Both the principals came and worked plus us. We got to dig the two beds of potatoes. The girls were excited. We also got the beds ready for winter putting straw on them and such. Didn't get it all done cause we only worked a couple hours so going to finish next week. Hope we have a good day again.

I took a few pics with my phone. We got to dig potatoes and bring some home. So today for supper I'm going to fix a skillet of Fried potatoes and Onions , Yummy !!!

LOOK at that POTATO !!!!

We got two buckets like this.

Jennifer was just so excited with her Big Potato !!! She is going to share this picture tomorrow for share day.

Thaniqua putting stuff away.


Trennia said...

I love fried tata's & onions!
Know what else goes good with tata's and onions?
Big pot of brown beans with diced ham chunks and jiffy cornbread Yummy!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That sounds like a perfect day. I am impressed with all the potatoes.
Enjoy them!

That corgi :) said...

that was a big potato! Plus it seems like it was an abundant crop of them if you got to take some home with you! potatoes and onions sound so delicoius!!

I think it is such a great project with that garden, I know you have mentioned it before, Caroline. Great learning opportunity for all involved with it! Glad that you, Jennifer and Thaniqua got to help out with it yesterday!


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