Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jeff Update ~ My BIL ~ 3 Months Later

Just thought I would give everyone a little update on how my BIL Jeff is doing since his tractor accident. Nov 7th made it 3 months since the whole thing happened. Jeff is doing awesome !!! I'm just so happy for him and Colleen and the boys. He is back to work hauling Amish. He starts driving about 5am and gets done about 4pm or so. He doesn't drive all day just whatever the need is. Well yesterday my sister called me to let me know she got the box I sent her in the mail. She told me guess what Jeff was doing Saturday ???????????

Can you guess ?????????

He was back on the tractor. I was shocked and told Oh my Gosh but knowing Jeff like I do nothing will get him to down. He still uses his cane but no longer the wheelchair , unless it is far that he has to walk. He can move his toes now , that was a issue and he still has some problems to overcome but it is great and wonderful. God is so very Good.

Also they had no insurance when this happened , but through God and some wonderful people , plus the Amish they have things pretty good right now. They still have bills , Yes but things are better in that area. My sister has a different job now and that is going well. She gets to work early in the morning so she is home with the boys in the evening. It's hard to work second shift with boys in school.

I'm just so glad things are working out and most of all what a wonderful God there is. Thank you God for watching over each and everyone of us.


Holly said...

Thanks for the update!!!

Trennia said...

That's a great update!

That corgi :) said...

sounds like Jeff is doing really good! So glad he had other people to help him during his time of need with "stuff". I'm glad he got back on the tractor too. I'm sure it was hard to do, but he "conquered" his fear! hoping he makes a complete recovery!


Sarita Boyette said...

How thankful I am that he is doing so well! I've enjoyed all your recent posts, and loved those freshly dug potatoes! BTW - I got something beautiful today!!!!! Thank you!!!!- sent you a FB comment & an email.

Michelle said...

That is awesome news!!! SOunds like he is all but back to normal!

Lisette said...

That is wonderful, thanks for the update.

Lisette said...

That is wonderful, thanks for the update.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's great news, so glad he is doing so well. I know they say you have to get back on the horse but I know I would have a hard time with that. He is a brave man.

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