Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Birthday + Prayer Request

To my nephew Blake McCune.

Gosh the time has went by so fast. I can still remember that little boy who was only 18 months when your Dad , Jeff started dating my sister Colleen. Your favorite show was Barney and you were just so cute. I remember you in your little tux at the wedding when you were 3 yrs old.

Now look at you all grown up and almost an adult. Where did the time all go.
I'm proud of you so involved in the church youth group and the puppet ministry. Also for hearing your Dad the day of the accident and getting help. Also a Big Congrats on getting your license recently.

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!! Hope your day brings you many wonderful blessings.

This morning I talked to my sister and she asked me to please pray for Blake. He has a serious staff infection right now. He is going to wrestle this year and they think it came from the mat or maybe he didn't take a shower soon enough after practice. He is on meds. So please keep this guy in your prayers that he heals fast and soon.


Trennia said...

Happy birthday!
will keep him in prayers.

That corgi :) said...

happy birthday to your nephew! What a fine looking young man!


Jingle Poetry said...

Happy Belated Birthday to him.
lovely post.

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