Friday, November 5, 2010

Tough Week

Today I'm so glad it's FRIDAY !!!!

It's been a tough week and looking back I wonder how I made it through it. Going to tell you right now this contains a lot of venting.......

It all started last Saturday morning , It was Nevada Day weekend and Saturday was the parade. Paul had to work all day so it was just the kids and I. We decided to just stay home the weather looked a little like rain. Jared my stepson who is living with us again since July had told Ridge he had to meet his girlfriend at 8am. Well I got up at 3:30am with my hubby who had to work and I laid on the couch until the kids got up. Carly and Jennifer got up at 6:30 then Ridge and Thaniqua got up at 8:30. Well Ridge said maybe I should get Jared up. I told him I didn't care he is old enough to get up on his own. Jared got up and ran out the door. I sorta laughed to myself. Then about 3pm Jared showed up with his GF he wanted to know if they could watch a movie together on his computer. I said I guess and I had never met this girl before and to think she never even spoke to me. Wow kids nowadays. Paul came home about a hr later. We ate supper , Jared never came out and asked if they could eat. I had enough but Paul said let him ask on his own. Ridge and Jared share a bedroom , so at about 7pm I was getting Carly ready for bed. I told Paul wonder how long she is staying here. So we called Jared to the living room and Paul asked him what was up ????? OMGosh he said the girl is staying all nite. I was upset , I told Paul he never even asked us. Paul had told him the girl sleeps on the couch. We asked how old she was he said 18.

Sunday morning we got up early for Paul to go to work again. What did we find those 2 laying on the floor in the living room. They were dressed but that was besides the point. Paul said instead of waking up the whole house I will be home by 8am so just try to make it til then. I went back and laid on our bed til the kids got up. We got up and they were still on the floor. I called Paul at work cause they were not doing things I liked in front of the kids. He came home within the hr. He talked to them and then they left. I got the kids ready for Trick or Treat later. While I was gone Jared and that girl came back. She still never spoke. I guess Jared told Paul she was meeting her Mom at 8am Monday morning. She stayed Sunday nite again. I was floored , I know I couldn't have done that. Well Sunday nite after the kids and I came back from getting candy , Ridge went to his room. Here he told us that the girl was doing her homework. I thought that's odd cause she isn't in college. Here I checked her out on Facebook , she is still in school and a MINOR !!! We let it go thought tomorrow she will be gone then we will talk to Jared.

Monday morning came and Jared walked with her to the park to meet her MOM. Well he never came back. I went on about my day , Paul came home still No Jared. We were sorta worried a bit. I was giving the girls a bath and here Paul got a message from Jared on FB. Here the girl's mom never came. Paul went to the library where I guess they had been all day. He wanted the truth from them then he took her home which is like 20 min from here. What a mess !!!

They need to learn Respect ~ it's tough being a stepmom sometimes.

Then the kids had parent / teacher conferences Wednesday and Thursday. They only had to go to school until 12:30 each day. Well I had to go see the teachers on Wed at 12:30 , 12:45 , 1:00pm. Ridge's teacher I knew was going to be the one I would prolly have the most trouble with. Ridge got cut a couple wks ago and no it wasn't terrible but he told her and she told him she didn't care. I told Paul as a parent I was going to ask her what happened. I guess I feel no matter how busy she should not have said that. Well I asked and she said I don't have time. She only gave me my fifteen minutes and wasn't friendly at all. Ridge has a good friend in that class and his Mom noticed some issues too. I'm praying that things will get worked out. She just seems like she doesn't like her job.

All the kids are doing AwEsOmE in school. Jennifer went from a level 11 in reading to a level 32. Which is a huge jump for a 1st grader. Ridge had great grades and so did Thaniqua. I'm excited about all that.

It's just been a frustrating week to say the least. Praying this next week is better.


Trennia said...

you and me both are having a bad week,praying next week goes better for all of us!

Linda said...

Sorry you had such a tough week Caroline. I hope things will get better for you. I will pray so.

I have seen some answers to our prayers recently on some personal family I would just encourage you to keep praying about everything...and placing everything in His hands.

God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think!

Love, Linda

That corgi :) said...

(((Caroline))) gosh I totally understand why you would be frustrated with Jared and the behavior with the girl. I think the thing that stands out the most is that he didn't ask if she could stay the night, etc. Makes you wonder if she had told her mom that she was going to be spending the weekend with a girl friend and the mom trusted her. Very suspicious behavior I think between the two of them. And if she is a minor besides, oh geesh!!

Son has his girlfriend over but he does call to see if it is okay (usually when they are a block away, LOL) and they always leave before it gets too late at night.

I can see why you would be so frustrated.

Good for the kids doing so great at school! That is sad about Ridge's teacher though. I think it takes a special person to be a teacher, but they really need to be committed to it because their actions impact so many little ones

hoping next week is a better one


Jingle said...

prayers for you,
I am crazily busy, sorry for being absent a lot.
you rock.
keep smiling.

stitchndeb said...

I'm shocked Paul would let the girl spend the night!!! She could be 38 for all I care, it's still Paul's house. I know it's hard to put your foot down when you aren't the bio parent. But the younger kids see what Jared gets away with, and when they get older they will give you a really bad time if you say their "friends" can't spend the night.

Sorry about Ridge's teacher. I've had conferences at school for my kids and their teachers are in a big rush to get me out of there too. I know it's not right for the teacher not to care when Ridge has a problem, but you are doing such an amazing job as a mom, Caroline, to listen to Ridge's concerns and be someone who does show him care and concern. My counselor keeps telling me "it only takes ONE" (one person to care) to make a difference to a kid. I hope next week is better for you! ~Debbie

stitchndeb said...

Oh, I forgot to say, my son's GF doesn't talk either, but if I talk to her FIRST, she does. Sometimes she will answer looking at my son (like he's an interpreter or something, even though I understand what she's saying, LOL). Once she's at ease, she will talk to me more. I don't think it's rudeness, more like insecurity. ~Debbie

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I don't know what to say. It just isn't right for her to be spending the night! I will keep you in my prayers.

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