Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

From the Pilgrims

To the falling leaves

The Turkey

To the Cooked Turkey Dinner

To the Yummy Pumpkin Pie

I wanta wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Day 25 ~ I'm thankful for so much and a day to eat lots of yummy food and be with people you love.

Hoping today is very wonderful for each and everyone of you. If you are missing a special someone I pray for you to have a peaceful holiday season. If you are traveling please stay safe this holiday weekend.


Holly said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Trennia said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

That corgi :) said...

you always have such cute graphics on your journal, Caroline!! Loved the pilgrims to the pie story in pictures :)

And your name tag is very nice too! Lots to be thankful for today!

I hope it is a wonderful day as you spend it with your family filled with making memories and time together (and of course good food to eat :)


Happy Thanksgiving!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thank you. Have a wonderful day and enjoy all the delicious food!

Jingle Poetry said...

These are sweet and cute.
love your post...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving..

awards/treats 4 u

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