Friday, May 7, 2010

Yesterday was Great

Yesterday was a BIG DAY for Ridge .........

On Wednesday he had tryouts for the school Talent Show ......

The reason why it was a Big thing for him was he has always wanted to try but could never do always afraid. Alot of it goes back to how his real father put him down so much. Last year the day before tryouts he changed his mind. This year I went to the school at 3pm to get the girls. Ridge had tryouts had 3:59 wow what a crazy time slot. He came out with the girls and I said Are you not staying ?? He said No I just came out to see you. So the girls and I decided to just hangout until he was done. I had a snack for all of them anyway. You know going to school always makes you hungry. LOL.

Well he just before he tried out a friend Dawn who her daughter was trying out stayed to watch Carly while I peeked at Ridge while he was doing his dance. He decided to dance to Taylor Swift's song " Fearless ". He did good and so Yesterday we found out Ridge made it !!!!! YAY Ridge
So next Friday is the show !!! I'm so excited and I don't care if he wins or not it's just great he gave it a shot.

Also yesterday Ridge got P E Hero of the day. Not sure what all it is about but something to do with how well you do something in Gym class.

Then also yesterday Ridge came out with a card and a little basket that had a magnet and a piece of candy , post it notes and flower seeds in it.

I volunteer to grade papers or anything I can do at home for any of the children's teachers. I can't go to the school a lot because of Carly's age but I love to be a part of my children's school.

So I got this from Ridge's Teacher yesterday. It made me feel so good.

Also Yesterday I had 3 of my blogging friends that are pregnant had Dr Appts and they all got good reports. YAY !!!!
Then just before I left to pick up my kids from school I checked my emails and a friend of mine that recently lost her baby girl told me she is pregnant with her Rainbow baby !!!! I'm so excited for all of them.

You know God is so Good all the time.

Have a great Friday !!!

God Bless


Trennia said...

That is so awesome!
I'm so happy for him!

That corgi :) said...

good for Ridge pushing through and trying out this year for the talent show! wishing him the best! I bet it will be an awesome performance of his!

WTG too for his PE Hero of the day award too! It is nice that they recognize kids like this, lots of positive reinforcement for good behavior

that is neat that you try to help out as you can; I know it is a big help for the teachers

I'll give Jessica a hug for you; I'm just thrilled with her news :)

and yes, God is good all the time!!!!!


Just Breathe said...

I got chills across my body just hearing about your friends. I pray they all have perfect little babies.

Wow, Ridge seems to be doing well in so many ways. Congratulations on the talent show. Hope you can video it!

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