Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home Safe

Well Paul's flight came in just a little early by 15 minutes. So he got here safe and sound. It was time for me to go get the kids at school when he got in so I told him he could go home and wait for us. He told me if he got close he would text or call me if he had time to pick us up. Wasn't sure how the traffic would be getting out of Reno.

Well just as I got all the kids and was ready to turn around the other way on the sidewalk Ridge yelled Hey Mom there's Dad. I was talking with a couple people and had checked my phone. Here he couldn't wait to come and see us. Carly was asleep so I had to wake her to put her in the van. She was a little unsure of everything. Well we got home and unloaded the van and wouldn't you know it there Carly was tagging around Dad. He helped the kids with there homework and I had made a meatloaf for supper so all I had to do was put it in the oven.

We had a good supper and just enjoyed all being together again. Paul took the next 2 days off to rest up and do some stuff around here. It will be nice having him home a couple days maybe I can get a couple closets cleaned out , LOL

He had a good visit with Jessica and Justin and we are glad he is back home.

Have a great Tuesday !!!

God Bless


Trennia said...

glad to hear he made it safely!
hope you all enjoy the next few days resting, or cleaning out closets
I don't like cleaning out the closets.I like your new design too!

Holly said...

I'm glad he had a great visit with them and that's he's home safe!

That corgi :) said...

so glad he made it home safe and sound! I bet all were glad to see him!! and that is neat he will be at home for the next couple of days to get things done and spend time with the family :)

yum on meatloaf! we haven't had that in awhile....need to plan for it some day soon :)


Kristie said...

So good to hear he made it home safely and you're enjoying time as a family! :-)

Just Breathe said...

That is wonderful news. :)

Jingle said...

happy Wednesday!
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