Monday, May 17, 2010

Momentous Monday


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It was Thursday while walking my Jennifer to afternoon Kindergarten. It was a beautiful day out and warm and Jennifer was running ahead of me like usual. Well just before you get to the school there are a few places where there are lots of dandelions. She is always picking them for me. She sat down in the grass and picked a whole handful of ones that went to seed already held them as high as she could and blew them. I asked her what are you doing making lots of wishes. She said No Mommy I'm sending all the babies in Heaven a kiss from there Mommy's since they weren't here on earth. A tear ran down my cheek and I hugged her so tight. I know as a Mother I sometimes wonder what little ones are thinking. It's really something that she would stop and think of them and all the Mommy's that have lost. A child's love is great and so caring. I know it's one moment I will always cherish.

Have a great Monday !!!

God Bless


Grace Wheeler said... That is one of the most precious things I've ever heard. Sounds like your little girl has an amazing heart! You are blessed!

Trennia said...

She is the sweetest!
tell her a mother to three of the babies in Heaven she sent kisses too, thanks her for thinking of them. (((HUGS)))

Holly said...

Oh how sweet!! :)

That corgi :) said...

she's so wise for one so young! and compassionate too! awesome! I would have cried too. like I said before, you are doing a great job raising your blessings :)


D and A said...

What a sweet thought. She must have a soft heart for others.

Amy @

Linda said...

That is so precious. I think she gets her kind heart from her mama!

Kristie said...

How sweet of her to think of the moms who have lost their little ones. I would have teared-up too!

Tiffany said...

Oh wow - she is so insightful and sensitive. This was just precious. Thank you for sharing and for linking up!

Heather said...

What a sweet moment!

Jingle said...

Nice to see you.
I am thrilled for your kind remarks.
As always, your post is remarkable and sweet!

Happy Tuesday!

Crystal Mary said...

Children are such a gift of love. How sweet she must be.
I visited Carson City just once and LOVED it!

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