Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hanging with My Sisters

Yesterday was a busy day but of course it seems like everyday is. I went and picked the kids up from school. Ridge had to stay after practicing for the Talent Show. So it was just the girls and I. It was a nice day out so after we got home , we let Carly play a little in the yard. Then Marie wanted to give her a ride in the wagon. Wasn't sure how she would do since she sometimes doesn't like being in her stroller. She would rather be free like the rest of them.

Well she did fine and I loved hearing her laugh. So they played and I finished supper. Here are a few pictures I took w/ my camera phone.

Jennifer and Carly !!!

My Girls being so silly !!!!

Just one other exciting thing that Carly did yesterday.......... that cute little girl in the wagon.

Dad keeps his Game Boy in our bathroom on the back of the toilet. Needless to say Carly went here and she usually only messes w/ the toilet paper. She decided the Game Boy should go for a swim....... so the Game Boy ended up in the trash. Oh well I told Dad the joy of children , never a dull moment......

Have a great day !!!

God Bless


That corgi :) said...

how cute! I'm sure Carly enjoyed the attention from her sisters pulling her in the wagon; they looked like they were all having a great time!

too funny about the Game Boy; I bet that will teach Dad to be a little careful about where he puts his things :)


Trennia said...

I couldn't tell ya how many things have been swimming in our!
That is so funny,I'm realized this has not only happened to us!
Cute girls!

Kristie said...

Great pictures of the girls together! They look like they were having a blast and enjoying being outside!

Just Breathe said...

Oh now, that is sad about the game boy :( Cute pictures, looks like Carly had a great time.

Veronica said...

Oh no about the gameboy!

Looks like the girls had fun though! And, you got to make dinner in peace! Somtimes my girls go crazy waiting for dinner and just hover around driving me bonkers!!!

April said...

LOL was the game boy ruined? :P

Carly is getting so big! I love the red wagon, what kid doesn't love riding in a wagon??

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