Sunday, May 16, 2010

Variety Show was a Hit

Well the Variety Show was great Friday Night. They had to change the name from Talent to Variety Show. The kids were all Awesome. I was so very proud of all of the children that were it. It's a good thing I had my tissue in my pocket there was a lot of songs that made me cry. I do that really easy anyway.

Well I do have to say My Ridge was just Awesome and it was great to see him step up and try it. He is already planning for next year.

The Kindergarten classes did a song in the afternoon Friday. When they put it on for the school. So Jennifer was involved in that. She didn't sing Friday night because they are saving it for there Graduation which is set for June 7th. So hard to believe this milestone is almost done for her. This school yr went so fast. I'm excited and sad.

So I copied the program they had a lot of different and great ideas. Once again it was Awesome !!!

Each Child that was in the show got a free small mini pizza from Papa Murphy's. So last nite for supper we enjoyed Pizza. I just happened to have one for 75% off and it got me out of cooking , LOL

Well have a nice day !!!

God Bless


Holly said...

I bet they did great!! And free pizza is a plus!

Trennia said...

That is so awesome!
It's great the school rewards the children there, our's askes us to pay $1 per person to see the talent show,ugh it upsets me at times, plus Julie's teacher kept promising her that she'd get Julie a sign-up form and never did! So Julie didn't get to sing or anything it made me so mad!

Jingle said...

nice to know that you enjoy the show,
Happy Sunday!

Just Breathe said...

These are precious days.

That corgi :) said...

my gosh; I looked at some of the talents the kids did; Amazing Grace on the violin! wow! sounds also like there is a lot of talent at the school with piano playing, drums, etc. I bet Ridge did great!! and just think how it will be next year when he has a whole year to plan what he will do!

yum on the pizza; glad they did something like that for the kids who participated; makes them feel more special I do believe.

funny how we don't have Papa Murphy pizzas here but do in Montana; they were always sooooo good!


Melissa B. said...

How fun! I just love a good show, especially when my progeny is involved...

Sarita Boyette said...

Glad the show was a success! You know, I always cry at my kids' and grandkids' shows, too. I started crying at my granddaughter's last dance recital, during the rehearsal, & cried my eyes out nearly! that pizza sounds so good -aren't coupons great?

Kristie said...

What fun! I can imagine how proud you were of Ridge! :-)

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