Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Chilly but Fun Weekend

Well the weekend has come and gone. For the most part it went fast. Hard to believe tomorrow is Monday. The kids are excited and well so am I. Paul will be home from his little trip back to Ohio.

Friday we got pizza and well the rest of the weekend was pretty much okay except for it being cold and windy. We even had a little snow Saturday nite and woke up this morning w/ a dusting. It's sorta depressing but we still had a good time. The kids were extra full of energy today for some reason. I know prolly cause Mom didn't let them go outside. It was so windy out and it made it feel colder than it was. Ridge and Jennifer already have a cough I just didn't want it to get worse.

I talked to my Mom yesterday and I know Paul went to visit her. She was so very happy for that. He looked around to about the snake problem but couldn't see a place they could get in. She has stuff outside to kill them but she hasn't seen anymore either. She has another place coming this week to help her get a idea where the problem might me.

We did have a great time this weekend. We got somethings done early since it was cold and messy out this weekend. Most of all we had a good time together. Dad should be here by the time everyone gets out of school , so I know they all will be looking forward to the end of the school day tomorrow. We talked to him on the phone and you could tell tonite they were excited.

So until tomorrow ..........

We are praying for a safe trip.

God Bless


Jingle said...

Glad that your weekend is fun,
Ready for a new start, cool!
Happy Monday!

That corgi :) said...

sounds like you guys did just fine with Paul being gone, although I know you missed him. I bet the kids will enjoy seeing him this afternoon (as you will too :)


Holly said...

Seems like you guys are getting a lot of days with snow!

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