Tuesday, December 1, 2009

* Remembering Our Angel *

Today I'm remembering one of my angels in heaven.

You were only 8 wks old when you left us.

I can still remember the pain and calling Daddy on the phone that something was so wrong with me and he needed to come home. I had been through this once before and I remember trying to stay calm. I didn't want to go to the hospital to find out that you were no longer with us.

Daddy came home and off to the hospital and then those terrible words, I had a MISCARRIAGE. It was so hard to know that I would never know if you were a boy or girl. It didn't really matter down deep, I just wanted to carry my baby and have you be healthy. I kept thinking and sometimes when I am having a tough day and I'm missing you I wonder why a God I love so much took you home to heaven.I know God had his reasons. We never forget you. I know that one day we will meet you in heaven but the waiting is so hard. When the sun is so bright I sometimes feel so warm like it's your little HUG.

It's still hard for me, people say It was meant to be this way , I already have to many kids. Sometimes people don't even think you were real because you were so little. But your Mommy and Daddy love you very much and just wanted to tell you Happy 2 yrs in heaven little one. All your brothers and sisters do to.

Daddy is doing better , finally starting to open up and not keep feelings inside. I know he misses you so much too. We love you so much so until that BIG DAY. We are always thinking of you but just a little more special today.



Trennia said...

Sorry some don't aknowledge the little one's that go on to heaven before us.I know it hurts us that people ignore them like they are not important and they are just as important as anyone else!

Holly said...

A life is a life no matter how brief it was here on earth and if they never saw the outside of their mother's womb. Wishing your little one a happy 2 yrs in Heaven.

stitchndeb said...

Aww, Caroline, you saying the sun felt like your baby's little hug was precious! I don't think people mean to be unkind but those comments from them just don't help, I'm sorry. ~Debbie

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