Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tough Day

Wow today turned out to be a Tough Day.

I haven't blogged about the past couple weeks cause I was hoping things would go by easy. Well with all the snow I can't go for a walk much. We live right beside Walgreens and sometimes I don't buy anything at all, just look for a good deal they always have things marked down. It gets me out of the house.

Well I just had a feeling today would turn out like this. I get up every morning w/ Paul before work. He is going in early since he isn't taking the kids to school. So we get up at five. It's nice to get up early since my family and friends live on the east coast I can call them cause it's only eight or so. Paul wanted something to eat so I made his lunch and fixed eggs. Well when he got out of the shower he brought Carly w/ him. This little girl doesn't take a nap if I'm lucky sometimes she will sleep 20 min. It doesn't bother me she is a good baby. So I fed her and then when Dad left Jennifer and Marie got up. Jared and Ridge got up at 9am and then the trouble started.

Jared has been so moody and he is really bad when all the kids are home. He doesn't wanta share and is rude to the kids. Today Carly fell asleep and usually I don't make them be quiet but she was up so early. Well he woke her up. Jared had to go to work at 1pm, I couldn't wait. I'm not usually like this. With all the problems he has been giving us Paul told him that if he couldn't abide by the rules then he would have to move by the end of Dec. I have been trying not to think about it w/ the holidays but after the way he was today, I almost wished he was gone. Part of me feels bad because he has been here for 2 yrs and his real Mom doesn't call or write or anything. He really isn't a bad kid he just isn't doing things the right way and Dad was nice when he told him. Dad really doesn't want him to go but Jared isn't making it easy for any of us. So tonight I'm praying that God helps all of us get through this trying time. It's hard on the kids and we really didn't tell them til after Thanksgiving cause Jared was telling them how he doesn't like us plus a little more. It's just tough for me, I'm always in the middle. Thanx for listening, hoping tomorrow will be better.


Trennia said...

I have dealt with three stepchildren and it can be very trying!Lately my own (oldest & next to her) are being very trying I just took away somethings from them they like to do just yesterday!I am not sure Jareds age?,but teens are very trying! I guess it seems harder when he is not your bio. son, but you have a RIGHT to be his mom cause you are you just didn't give birth to him,but you have that right to correct his rudeness and if he don't listen tell his dad! He is probally jealous because the other kids have mom and dad and you say his mom hasn't been in his life for 2 years? Maybe he is jealous, I don't know.Why don't ya go out one day just you and him over lunch and tell him you care about him like a mother and you want the best for him and that your trying,but he has to try too.Maybe you've tried that...I don't know.Prayfully things will get better my friend.

Holly said...

So sorry Caroline! I really hope that things can get better. I don't know why he is being so trying with you all but I hope that he realizes how he is acting and fixes it. Wishful thinking? I'm praying that it can happen.

Just Breathe said...

This is so hard, I am so sorry. I will pray for all of you. It's sad that he doesn't realize what you are giving to him. You have a heart of gold.

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