Friday, December 11, 2009

School Is Out

Today is a Big Day at The Croley House !!!

The kiddos that live here are all excited because .....

WHY ???????

Today is the last day of school until Jan 4, 2010.

Alot of mixed feelings , but for the most part they are happy that it's break time. They enjoy school and I know they will miss it. I'm also happy cause we all get a break and get to enjoy each other over the holidays. Even though there will be those moments when it will be noisy and siblings will clash but I just love having them home.

So today is party day as my older 2 said and Jennifer is learning and tasting ways other countries share in Christmas which is exciting.

So no more having to do this or that at a special time we can all be a little lax. One thing we are doing is still reading 20 minutes a day.

To those of you that don't know our children go to a Yr round school and they get a 3 week break after every quarter. Hard to believe the school year is half over.


Trennia said...

That's neat they get out so early!
My kidos last day is next friday...I've been busy wrapping gifts so they ain't peeking when they are out of
Still can't get over ya'lls snowfall!

Just Breathe said...


Holly said...

Hope they enjoy their break!

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