Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Quiet Moment

Last Night in some of the quiet moments of our home, I was sorta organizing some of the gifts for everyone. I had opened the boxes that my family from Ohio sent the children. I don't put anything under the tree because at this house these kids would never make it to Dec 25, LOL.

Then just out of the blue no one was up but ME. My mind started thinking and I thought about how there should be two more children at our home. I think about them alot and wonder and wonder sometimes what things would be like........... Also my husband as really opened up and talks more about our children in heaven. I think since we had Carly it makes him wonder just what life would be like and oh the joy. We both love kids sooooo much.


Then after I sat there and cried for about 10 minutes, I felt better, well somewhat. My Mom always told me a good cry can do wonders. Sometimes it really does.

Then I thought about how God gave his son so that one day we could all go to Heaven that believe in Him. Somedays well most days I just can't wait, I wanta go to right now. Happy Birthday Jesus.



Trennia said...

How do you get all those cute decorations?
That is cute,but I loved the snowmen ones best!

Trennia said...

I understand when all is said and done and you have time and it's quite you think more about the what "Ifs"...I do all the time.Emily's pictures hang throughout my house,but my bedroom I have several too and I look at her at night when other's sleep and yes I cry and I talk to her and I miss her and of course I pray to Jesus and cry more.My friend I understand.I have these ages at home 15,14,12,9,3..if the twins would have lived (could have at 13 weeks) they would be 8 and Emily would be 19 months.I think about them alot.I think we angel baby mommies are bought together on earth to be friends because our angels are friends in heaven.
(((HUGS))) lots of CHRISTmas hugs coming through internet from me tonight.

stitchndeb said...

I'm sorry you're missing your babies so much. It's hard this time of year. But I agree, the baby Jesus picture is adorable! Our kids have the same problem with not being able to leave stuff alone under the tree so we have to wait for the night before too. Merry Christmas! ~Debbie

Just Breathe said...


Kalona said...

Hi, I just happened across your blog. My maiden name is Croley. Maybe we are distant relatives? :o)

I hope that you will have a very blessed Christmas.

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