Monday, November 30, 2009

* Remembering Mom and Dad *

Today I'm remembering my parents.

Today would have been there 46th wedding anniversary. My parents were AWESOME and always there for us.

I know to well those teenage yrs can be trying because you never think Mom and Dad make any sense, LOL.

One thing I can look back on now as an adult is that Mom and Dad really loved each other. My Mom was a stay at home Mom. Dad always worked but we had family time every night at the dinner table. Today I'm thankful for such great parents. Yes there married life was cut short due to my father's cancer. 22 yrs they were married when he passed away. I know today if things would have been different and Dad had not been sick my parents would still be together. It was so nice growing up in a loving home.

I remember doing my Dad a favor while he was in the nursing home just before he passed away. I had to go pick out a birthday card for my Mom from Dad. He said you know what to get, something like you know I would say. It felt funny but I went and he was happy with the one I picked out.

So this is for my parents Mom , I know Dad is looking down from heaven and smilin.

Happy Anniversary !!!!!!


Trennia said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents.
Their Love Reaches beyond eternity!

Franchesca Cox said...

So sweet of you, Caroline. They sound like wonderful parents. Wishing them a happy anniversary.


Holly said...

I know they would be having a wonderful anniversary if your Dad was here. Wishing them a happy anniversary!

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