Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary - 3 Years

Happy Anniversary, only 3 years seems alot longer. We have been together since 2003 but someone sorta didn't wanta do that Marriage thing even though I knew that's what I really wanted down deep. It was me !!!!!

Anyway on December 14,2006 We did it got married !!!!!!

I wouldn't have it any other way now. We have been through alot together having 2 beautiful girls together Miss Jennifer and Carly. Also losing a son at 12 wks and another baby at 8 wks. A very tough part of our relationship but God seen us through and still does today. A Big Move for our Family to Carson City, Nevada from Wooster, Ohio. Just the daily trials Good or Bad. Our love is still strong as ever.

We don't do alot for our Anniversary for one it is so close to Christmas. Usually go out to eat close to the day whatever works out. Well I feel I gotta share this with you. Saturday nite Paul decided we would go to Denny's for supper after he got off work. We all piled in the van and it was snowing pretty good out. We already have about 15 inches of snow. I didn't think it snowed in Nevada. This is the most I have seen since I have been here.

Well we had a flat tire about a mile from our house. He stopped and tried to change it but ended up calling Scott a Nephew of his that lives here in town. They couldn't get the rim off but finally did. It was snowing so bad and he was cold and wet. I decided to just come home and fix supper. Everything worked out ok I made Taco's and of course he felt bad but I told him it was ok You can just owe me. So we prolly will go out this coming Saturday.

Happy Anniversary Honey !!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!


Trennia said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
When things like that go wrong just think the best is yet to come!

stitchndeb said...

That snowman pic is adorable! You guys have sure gone through a lot already in just that timeframe. I'm glad you like Nevada. Have a great anniversary! ~Debbie

Holly said...

Happy Anniversary! The flat tires must be going around! lol

Just Breathe said...

Happy Anniversary! God bless.

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