Monday, December 28, 2009

My Life in the New Millennium - Last 10 Yrs

I was thinking Wow it's almost 2010. I can remember when it was going to be the year 2000 and all the crazy things people talked about happening. I would have to say the past decade has prolly been the most enjoyable times of my life. So I'm going to share a little bit of the good and the bad times in my life.

This post might be a little long so bear with me. :)

2000 - Out of the blue after wanting a child so much. I had the biggest and best surprise in my life. I had a baby boy and Yes I was one of those people who can say I didn't know I was pregnant ???? I could have been on that show. I had my sweet son Ridge Logan at 1:15 am weighing 8 lbs 1/2 oz. He was born on Feb 28. We both were fine and gave people so much to talk about. The rest of the year was spent working and raising my Ridge. I love you soooo much.

2001 - Went through alot this year some good and some bad, got laid off but found another job soon. My relationship w/ Ridge's Dad was bad and we lived in a Domestic Women's Sheltar for a while.

2002 - I was once again blessed with a child. I had a daughter Thaniqua Marie weighing 8 lbs 4 ozs. She was born March 27. I had a fun delivery I go very fast while in labor and I didn't make it to the hospital. I had her at home well at my friends house. They called the squad but Marie was out before they got there. They cut the cord and took us to the hospital and both of us were fine. My only problem with the whole thing was 7 men standing there looking at me. In Nov my Mom found out she had breast cancer and over Thanksgiving she had both breasts removed but the surgery went great.

2003 - I was working and supporting 2 children on my own. I had a great friend that watched my children so I could work. I had broke things off with there Father but I was strong and with God's help I knew I could raise these children. In Feb I met Paul my hubby today. I was his boss at work and we just had a lot of the same interests.

2004 - I was blessed with another Child a sweet little girl named Jennifer Lynn. She weighed 8 lbs and 8 ozs. She was born April 2. We both lost our jobs but once again God provided for us and we found work again.

2005 - Things were good for the most part. I found out that we expecting again in Nov and excited.

2006 - On Feb 10 I lost our baby boy at 12 wks. It was a very sad time for all of us. God carried us through and we were stronger than before. Paul got the flu very bad and had to be taken to the hospital but he got better. On Dec 14, we decided to get married as my hubby said he didn't have anything better to do that day. LOL.

2007 - This yr brought alot of change for us. I was working at night at the local newspaper. I loved that job cause I'm a real news freak. I love Headline News and CNN some people think I'm nuts, LOL. In July we decided jobs were hard to find and Dad was from California so we decided to take a BIG step and moved from Ohio to Nevada. He left in July and I left with the children in Sept. The day before I left my Uncle passed away and a good family friend was killed in a auto accident. It made leaving hard. On Dec 1 I lost another baby at 8 wks and this time was tougher than the last one. Once again the Lord carried us through it.

2008 - We finally got our own place in Nevada after staying w/ my hubby's sister in Feb. On June 7, 2008 my step-son graduated from High School it was a Big push to see it finally happen after the move and taking alot of State Tests over again to graduate. The ones in Ohio didn't count made it sorta trying. In August I took a pregnancy test and yes indeed we were expecting again. Scared and trying to be happy I didn't wanta lose this child. Lots of praying and then I got really scared last New Year's eve I started spotting. So nervous but I gave it all to God.

2009 - We were blessed with another daughter and she was born April 29. Her name is Carly Lorraine and weighed 8 lbs 12 ozs. My husband escaped layoffs twice at his job. We have been praying so hard about that. A BIG STEP for Jennifer this year she started school. She loves kindergarden and has a lot of little friends. All of the children are doing well in school. My Mom is still cancer free and living life to the fullest.

Well here we are almost to 2010 and wonder what the New Year holds for us but I know we will just have to wait and see. With this gang it's so hard to tell but putting our faith and trust in the Lord I know what ever it is he will see us through. I know that one thing for sure I hope one day very soon that the Lord comes back to take his children home, oh what a glorious day that will be.

Wow quite a bit happened and most of all I'm thankful for my online friends. The move was alot for me and this blog has helped alot get some feelings out that I just kept inside. Thanx for always listening to me. Love ya all !!! Photobucket


~Sandy~ said...

Wow you have had a very busy ten years. I'm glad that God walked right beside you & that He continues to bless you & your wonderful family. I w3ish you all the best in 2010. You are a blessing to me.((hugs)) Sandy

Franchesca Cox said...

It has been a busy ten years! That's so neat that you had one of your children while at a friend's house! I cannot even imagine. Thank you for sharing your decade. Mine, looking back is so drastic. I just might have to post about it one day :)


Just Breathe said...

Praying that 2010 will bring your beautiful blessings, perfect health and happiness.

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