Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~ Family Fun Nite ~

Tonite was Family Fun Nite at our Children's School.

The school has been holding a Book Fair this week. The theme was " Polar Express"
They had tickets for all the children as they arrived and they had different classrooms set up as train cars. In those different cars children were able to make things or play games that had something to do with reading and books.

Here is there ticket that they were given.

This was where the children made a Candy Cane Reindeer. They really enjoyed it.




The kids were working on making Bookmarkers here.

Here is Carly wearing Daddy's Hat.
She had fun just looking at all the kids.

Here it was her normal bed time and Carly fell asleep. Kids were tired and Santa was supposed to read at 7pm but we left early and we still had alot of fun. The school did alot of great planning.


Trennia said...

Family time is so very important isn't it?
I just love doing things with my kids too.Glad you all had fun!

Just Breathe said...

Looks like fun. I love that movie.
We have a book from 18 years ago with the bell and a cassette of the story. I also own the movie and the CD.

Holly said...

What a great family fun nite! That's a neat idea to make each room a car on the train. It's nice that the school put on something like that.

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