Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Afternoon Fun with A Box

Well yesterday I was getting trash ready to go out and Carly spotted a BOX. She is at that age where boxes or just anything make her sooooooo happy. Marie and Jennifer wanted to put her it and push her. Well they played for a good couple hours with that box. I joked with them and told them Wow maybe you should see if Santa could bring a couple more of those. They were all having so much FUN !!!


Holly said...

Hey boxes are a lot of fun! lol Kyndra still likes boxes

Trennia said...

I have said the samething before!
My kids had alot of fun with boxes! So much that when Sara and Beth where aroun 5 and 6 they slept in one each although they had bunkbeds! Of course Samuel still loves playing with a box!

Just Breathe said...

Cute. I remember when my kids were little and at Christmas they would always have more fun with the boxes then the gifts.

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