Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yesterday and Ridge

My Ridge my only son on earth.

He has seen a lot in his life probably more than any of my children. He is my oldest , a Big Ten years old. I try to not have a favorite but Ridge / Mommy have something special. Maybe because after all kinds of Dr's told me I would never have a child here came this wonderful precious life.

Well it was Monday and yeah it started off pretty good until about 11am. Ridge and his sister's went to the skatepark which is right next door to us. I usually don't let them go without me. I have been trying to not worry so much and give them a little space. I only let them go for a hr or so. Ridge takes his DS because it has a clock on it and he knows when to come home. They went 3 days last week so today they read and then it was time to play a little. Kisses and Hugs and then out the door. Well they showed up early about 10:45. They didn't have to be home until 11. Ridge came in the door first and said Mom something happened. I of course at the moment was so upset. He said he was skating on his skateboard and Jennifer was sitting on the bench where his DS game was sitting. There was a older boy there , Jennifer got up for a couple minutes and left his game lay there. Guess what someone stole it. I know it had to be the older kid. I was upset but I told Ridge at least everyone was ok. I fixed lunch and Ridge said before we eat I would like to pray for that boy that took my game. So we did. I told Paul when he called at lunch. He couldn't believe that someone could take it with them being there. I know Jennifer shouldn't have left it on the bench alone but who would have thought hardly anyone around.

My heart was sad for him just a month ago Ridge got both his skateboards stole right out of our yard. Last night Paul and I talked to Ridge told him we would replace but it may not be like next week. Ridge smiled and said that's ok whenever is ok. Sometimes as a parent I wonder when I tell kids things if they really listen. I was proud of how Ridge handled it all yesterday.


Holly said...

He's such a sweet boy!!

Trennia said...

oh no, that is sad.
look on craigslist for ds sometimes people sell them cheap there, so sorry Ridge.

stitchndeb said...

I'm just amazed that Ridge handled this so well. I also was glad nobody was hurt or anything, and surpised he would pray for them. ~Debbie

That corgi :) said...

he handled that so very wisely and maturely, Caroline. compassionate too to pray for the person who stole his DS. Like I said before, you and your husband are raising great kids!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That really sucks, I am so sorry that happened to them. Ridge is one special boy and he has a heart of gold.

Sarita Boyette said...

You know you have raised Ridge right when he wants to pray for the person who stole his DS. You are a wonderful Mom! I'm glad no one was hurt physically.xoxoxo

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