Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thank you & My Thoughts

I would like to thank all of you that read or commented on my last post.

I thought I would write down some thoughts I have about the last post I wrote. It's hard nowadays being a parent. I can remember when I was young living in a small town. Everyone knew everyone and I grew up near a park. When I was Ridge's age I remember going there to shoot baskets with neighbors or people from school. It was safe and I know something like my children had to go through prolly wouldn't have happened. It's a shame what you have to worry about. I remember when Ridge was 4 I seriously was thinking of homeschooling. It's so hard things have changed so much. There is just no repect for anyone. Big or Little town you live in there should not be issues like this.

The cops really did nothing but tell them what they did was wrong. I guess it could have been that guy's skateboard but down deep I don't think so. I think it is mean and so wrong but you know my child's life is more important than that skateboard. Paul and I have talked and he felt I prolly did the best thing. Some people have told me I shouldn't have gave in.

Ridge was just starting to do good at going somewhere without me for a little. He has never wanted to be somewhere without me from some things in his past when his Father and I were together. It hurts me more than anything that he how has a fear again to work through. I know that yesterday when we had to walk home from school he was different. I told him that I don't think we will see that guy again at least not chasing you. I know as a parent you can't always be there to help your child but it still hurts me. I pray that no other child has to go through a mess like that. I'm thankful that I was blessed with all my children the ones in Heaven and on earth but one never knows what the day holds. So glad God watches over us all.


Trennia said...

Thinking of your family and that terrible situation your children endured, I do wish the police could do more in those types of situations,I guess they can only do so much,but if it happens again (I hope it don't) ask for names & addresses of those involved & file charges for harrassing & threating your children.

Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

aw :( I hate that Ridge was attacked. He seems like such a sweet kid. Chin up!

Holly said...

I think that's messed up the cops didn't do something. I am very glad that Ridge is ok and I hope that he can work through his fear.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well the cops should have taken that guy home and checked with his parents but most likely they wouldn't have cared one bit. That's why he is doing it! I remember that we didn't even have to lock our doors.

That corgi :) said...

I hope Ridge will feel comfortable soon being independent again within boundaries, of course. So sad that this happened because it does take away kids' security, trust, etc; starts making them cynical at such a young age. hugs to you all Caroline; hope they all had good first and second days back at school!


Sarita Boyette said...

That is heartbreaking that Ridge is now fearful again, and after all you have done to build him up. I don't know why the police let those boys get away with this, but I see that happening all over, even here. We had some vandalism done while on vacation a few years back. Our daughter did, too.(She lives across the street from us, and some neighbors had some, also)
We called the police, they wouldn't take fingerprints or do any kind of investigation. It seems to be an apathy that is growing among the police depts. and I don't know why. Of course, a child's life is much more important than a broken window.

Jingle said...

lovely reflections, it is always good to see positive changes in the person you care.
keep smiling.

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