Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Fun Day

Saturday was Family Fun Day at Carson High School. I really didn't know anything about it til Friday afterschool. I have 3 kids that I love so much lookin me in the eye sayin " Can we go ? " I didn't have any real plans for Saturday Morning. It started at 10am and was over at noon.

Well we went it's just across the road from us. Just Ridge , Thaniqua , Jennifer and I went. Paul had all his top teeth pulled on Thursday. Still mending so he stayed home with Carly. We went last yr and took Carly but I knew I would have to chase her and prolly wouldn't get to help the big kids much. Next yr she will be older and have more fun.

They had 10 stations of different things to do for the kids. Everything had to do with being active and eating right. It was really good. The kids all got a free T-shirt just for coming and Chili's fed everyone lunch. A simple turkey club sandwich and chips and Salsa. Fruit juice and apples also. Kids also got a free kids meal at Chili's to use anytime. They all got a free five dollar gift card from Play it Again Sports here in town. I checked it out online after we got home and just maybe I can get Ridge a used skateboard there. How awesome.

They also had a drawing at the end. The kids all won another T-shirt saying Carson Senators. The high school's mascot. They were excited.

Here are a few pics I caught with my cell phone. Hard to get too great of ones with them moving so much. They had lots of fun and so did I.

Thaniqua and Ridge doing some board breaking.

Jennifer doing some tire rolling.

Taking a break .......

Playing ball !!!

It was a lot of fun !! So glad we went.


Linda said...

You are such a great mom Caroline. Looks like the kids had fun.

Trennia said...

Wow, you all were busy over the weekend!Glad you all had fun!

That corgi :) said...

ouch to your poor husband, Caroline! hoping he is recovering okay and feeling much better by now!

what a fun event for the kids! always neat to see when things like this are planned for the family to participate in that doesn't cost any money plus provides some good clean fun! looks like your three kids enjoyed it immensely! What a nice thing Chili's did too with the food, makes me want to support their efforts of community involvement by eating there (LOL, any excuse for me to eat out :)

how exciting too that Ridge might be able to get a skateboard through Play it again Sports.


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