Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Fun

Today ~ Halloween parties at school. I made cupcakes for the girl's classes. It was fun.

Thaniqua's class got to frost there own. They also made milkshakes and even had Mc Donald's for lunch. Wow !!!!

Jennifer class had cupcakes and juice boxes , played some games after lunch. Of course they came home with Candy.

Ridge's class had a party and lots of goodies. His class didn't ask for anything but he took a bag of candy corn.

I didn't get a picture of Ridge but he dressed up like Tony Stewart / NASCAR Driver.

Jennifer was a pumpkin.

Thaniqua was a TV. We cut pictures out of a magazines. She got a lot of sweet comments on it.

We kept there costumes simple cause you just can't wear just anything to school anymore. So many changes from when I went to school.

All in all they had a fun day and tomorrow is even better cause there is NO SCHOOL !!! It's sure been a busy week but I got to spend a lot of time with the school kids this week. Getting to spend time with my children and others always makes me SMILE.


Sarita Boyette said...

I'm behind on commenting, but I just loved all your posts this week about your childrens' awards day and the cupcakes you made, plus all their other school activities. The activity you went to on the weekend sounded awesome, too. I'm glad they got all those T shirts, coupons, free meals, etc. It really helps out to get some freebies when you have several little ones. I hope next week is a fun week, too!

Trennia said...

I'm glad they had a fun filled day!
Wow, I wish my kids where out tomorrow,but they are not.Anyways love ya like a sis (((HUGS)))

That corgi :) said...

what a cute idea with the TV costume! the pumpkin is adorable too! sounds like fun parties and days all around! and tomorrow a whole extra day with them! yea!!!!



Holly said...

They have made lots of restrictions compared to what it used to be like. Sad!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They look so cute. Sounds like a fun day at school!

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