Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweet Thoughts

Last weekend was emotional October 15th was Friday. Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day. I went and got groceries early so I could be home on Friday at 7 pm to light our candle.

Well Sunday morning we woke up Paul & I and the house was still quiet. No children up and running. While we were still just laying there enjoying the peace and quiet with our gang it doesn't happen very often, Lol. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. Paul said the sweetest thing to me on his own. You know Honey I wonder what things would have been like with the other two children. Before I could answer he said I just wish they were here. Not to many times does Paul bring it up on his own but it made my heart smile. Paul has opened up a lot the past year. I know he always has cared and thought of them but it's bittersweet to hear him when he does. Then he said I'm just happy that one day we will get the chance to have our family complete in Heaven. That is the greatest part of it all no matter how much we miss them while we are here, there will be a very wonderful day. We can't wait !!!


That corgi :) said...

I think it is neat, Caroline, although it is hard to talk about it and think about it that you guys both can be open about your feelings and also realize you will be all together for eternity


Trennia said...

That is so sweet!

Sarita Boyette said...

You have a sweet husband! I think men really miss our babies like we do, but it's harder for them to talk about it. I'm glad, too, we have Heaven to look forward to. xoxoxo

Debby@Just Breathe said...

((HUGS)) What a sweet moment between you and your husband.

Crystal Theresa said...

I love that you had that moment of sweetness with your hubby. ((hugs))

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