Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Playdate and Rainy Day

Well I had a play date planned for the kids since school was out. Well wouldn't you know the rain came and is still around. I talked to my friend Monday when it was pouring down RAIN !!!!!! She asked me if I still wanted her two kids Tuesday. I said sure , I don't care if it rains. The kids are all good and play together well so Tuesday morning came and it was still raining. I told the kids it's almost time for lunch so I had them pick up all Carly's toys in the living room. I told Ridge get the Dora blanket and put it on the floor. he said Why Mom ??? I said well since we can't go to the park for a picnic we will have one right here. So the kids had Corn Dogs , Chips , Juice and a brownie. I think Ridge thought I was silly !! The look on his face was so funny !!!

Carly sat in her chair but she still had fun.

The girls put on a play for me and a fashion show. Wow and it didn't even cost any money to see all that. Carly enjoyed the xtra people being here. My friend and her family are going Deer hunting so I actually helped her out by having the kids here so she could pack. They will be gone for a week. So hoping the weather gets nice again we are going to the river with the kids and her next Friday. It should be a good time.

I was also happy that things went great today , Jared was supposed to be gone all day but it was actually peaceful here and No fighting w/Big Brother.


Trennia said...

That sounds fun,indoor picnic!!!!
I have the kids (well when the girls were younger) make tents indoors!
You are so creative,what a great mom you are!!!

Linda said...

Today must be a day for writing about unusual picnics! This is the third one I have read this morning. (smile)

Looks like fun...and the extra kids probably thought that you are one cool mommy having an indoor picnic on a rainy day Caroline!

Love ya,

Holly said...

Rainy days can be fun too!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was a great idea. Looks like they had fun.

That corgi :) said...

clever idea Caroline to bring the picnic inside if the weather wouldn't cooperate! I know the kids liked the break from routine and I'm sure had a blast!! I always think it is neat when there are play dates especially if the kids get along well; gives you maybe a chance to have a few minutes to yourself :)


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