Sunday, October 3, 2010

Long Time Visit

Look who came by to visit us last nite ...........

Yes it was RAIN !!!!!!!

Living in Nevada you don't always see it that often. Paul even said last night boy we couldn't remember last time it rained. I don't think it did all summer. It sure felt good and the kids played in it for a little bit. It was funny to hear all the kids Wow , look it's raining. I love the smell of rain. It had been pretty HOT this past week , so it cooled things down nice. I was looking at the forecast for the upcoming week and it's going to be a bit cooler and a little more rain. We need the rain though.

It also was saying at 7000 ft and higher a possiblity for some SNOW !!! I guess it is October though :)

Well the sun is peeking in and out and I'm still planning to cook out some steaks for supper on the grill.

Have a great Sunday !!!!!


Holly said...

Glad you got a little rain. It was cooler here today and windy too!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I guess we sent it your way, we had a few days of it, especially over the mountains heading to Vegas!

stitchndeb said...

Ugh, don't say snow, it's just barely October! I like rain too, except for driving in it. ~Debbie

That corgi :) said...

we're having steaks for dinner too (with corn and a salad and apple crisp for dessert :)

that is neat when it (finally) rains after a long dry spell. It clears the dust and just refreshens everyone, both the plants and people! glad to hear it is going to be a cooler week ahead too Caroline!! that will be good for the kids as they continue their break :)


Jingle said...

love your humor.

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