Friday, October 29, 2010

No School ~ Nevada Day

TODAY IS ..........

This is why there is No School Today.

When I moved here three years ago, I remember laughing to myself and thinking I have never heard of such a thing. I lived in Ohio all my life and don't remember anything like a Ohio Day and then to top it all you get a day off of school.

Nevada Day is always the last Friday in October and the BIG Parade is always on Saturday at 10am rain or shine. They really do alot of fun stuff all weekend. I have never got to go to the parade because it has been cold and rainy. The weather this year is damp again so it depends but there are lots of other things to do also. Here is the website for and you can read all about alot of the things if you are interested. Just click on the History tab and it will give you alot of facts.

I really think it is neat that they celebrate their heritage.

Also another interesting fact is that it doesn't matter here how old you are to go Trick or Treating. Since Halloween is during the Nevada Day celebration anyone can go out. I think that's pretty neat. Well My husband Paul has to work all weekend so I'm planning on taking the kids out to Trick or Treat Sunday evening. As long as the weather is good. Maybe we will enjoy some other things this weekend to. The kids are really excited that they get a day off from school and there is a small fair at the park right beside our Apartment complex.

So Happy Nevada Day !!!

A Big Happy Birthday to you !!!


That corgi :) said...

how neat!! any reason to celebrate is good to me!! Interesting that anyone can trick or treat too. I wonder how many people take advantage of it beyond high school/early 20s.

enjoy the weekend!


Jingle said...

have a relaxing weekend.

Trennia said...

omgosh..that is so neat!!!!
I'll admit all my kids trick or treat still 16,15,12,10,4 years!

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