Monday, October 4, 2010

Too Many ???????

Have you ever heard those words too many kids ??????

You prolly have , but you know I never really thought about it so much before. I hear it a lot when I go to school or really anywhere. People say You have too many kids ???

Or sometimes they say I don't see how you do it ????

I know these people don't really mean anything bad by it but I think you don't even really know me. I have 4 children here on earth and 2 in heaven. I don't get upset that's not me. I sorta just smile and think yeah sometimes maybe I do have a lot of kids. I wouldn't have it any other way. I miss my children in heaven that I never got to meet but I know there is a reason for everything that happens. I can say there was a period of time in my life when Dr's told me I could never have a child but God has blessed me six times. I know that some days are so very busy but I just love Kids with all my heart.


Holly said...

Maybe too many for them but for some it isn't. What's wrong with big families?

Trennia said...

I get that all the time,and what hurts the most is when I tell them I have 3 stepkids,5 biological living and three in heaven.Then they proceed to say are you going to have anymore? I tell them I wish I could,but I can't and I tell them I had a hysterectomy.Then they say well it's better off you have enough kids anyways!
Ugh...some people!
You have a beautiful family!

That corgi :) said...

I really don't think anyone should tell another that they have too many kids. They may be curious on how you manage it all because they might be struggling with just two, but no one should ever say someone has too many kids. If you can provide for them their needs and love them, that's between you, hubby, and God how many you have. I think people who are Christians should have big families if they can and want to because it is how his kingdom is going to keep being advanced. You enjoy your family, Caroline. All are precious in God's sight including the two that you will meet one day and spend eternity with


Grace Wheeler said...

You are so blessed and I love your perspective here. I often get asked similar questions with my 4 under 5 and now one more on the way!

I never thought how that question would feel if I had lost any babies :( I'm so sorry for your loses...but whether here or on earth, "full" hands are much better than "empty" hands!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I don't think people need to make a comment like that. I think that how many children someone has it entirely up to them. Each one is a special blessing from God.

Sarita Boyette said...

I'm so proud for you that the Lord blessed you with these children. You are such a good Mom and you deserve this happiness. I know you love your stepchildren also and you have two waiting for you in Heaven. It's no one's business how many you have - I sometimes can't believe what people will say! Thanks for all the support during Meredith's BD week. I really appreciate it! xoxoxo

Stephanie said...

I found myself saying that I have 5 children in a bible study today. Then I went on to explain about Amelia and this baby on the way. Ironically, I didn't get the 'blank stares' that I usually do.

I think big families (which is anymore than 2 in todays society) are treasures!

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