Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well I was going to do something different for my Wedesday Post but this week, I'm not sure why has just been trying. I had to deal w/ my Allergies all last wk & felt so yucky. My husband's job made them take a wk off so in order to get paid they have to take vacation or personal time. It's nice having him home but I guess I worry to much. We will make it always do. I ran across this today & thought w/the kind of day I was having it fit perfectly. Carly is trying to get a tooth plus a stuffy nose & seems like all the rest of the kids just don't wanta listen. So it is nice Dad is home. I don't know just today I got the blues so bad not sure why just been keeping alot of stuff all bottled up inside. I'm like that sometimes so tonite I just sat & had a good cry. So I thought about this & decided I would use it for my Wedesday post. Remember that God is always there for all of us.


Holly said...

All things are possible!! When things don't go right and we're not feeling all that great GOD is there.

Little Ladybugs said...

Ahh Hope you get to feeling better I understand what your feeling been dealing with allergies here also plus my son got ring worm and we ended up at the doctor today!!!

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