Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Little Late 4 Sunday

Wow it is late for a post on Sunday but it has been such a busy weekend. Really not just the weekend but the days leading up to that. Our children start school tomorrow which is good & sad at the same time, but I plan on sharing more about that in tomorrows post. Thursday I talked to my Mom & my brother is having some medical issues & I just hope that things turn out ok for him. Also a friend from back home lost her child at 5 days old & broke my heart. Also we have been having some problems with my stepson who is 19 & doing things we don't allow. Been doing alot of praying the past few days. So I was sorta messing around online & changed my blog backgound. It sorta seemed to fit the past few days. So I found this neat cluster of verses & they all seemed to fit most of the things we were going though. I'm so glad that I know God and that no matter what he is always there for us.


Holly said...

School already? Summer is going by so fast! I'm sorry to hear you are havin trouble with your SS. I hope it gets better!

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