Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Totally RaNdOm TUESDAY !!! Crayons

Basic colors u can always find

Wow they sure make lots of shades of crayons

And I just thought this saying was soooooooooooooo cute. It is all so true.
I picked this RaNdOm subject since my kidders went back to school yesterday & while looking at all the school stuff at Wal Mart boy do they make lots of different shades & styles of crayons.
I guess this is sorta telling my age but I can remember just the simple eight or maybe the 24's or 48's & I still had a hard time picking a color.
Crayons are great they can make a child so happy & make them quiet for hrs unless they color on your wall. Which mine have all tried, LOL. Just a part of growing up but none of my children have ever tried to eat them. I know that now they do make crayons that smell like different fruits.
Well this my item for today & just thought I would tie it into our Back to School Week. Have a Happy TUESDAY !!!!!!


Holly said...

Kyndra likes to eat them.

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