Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today was a GOOD DAY :)

Well this is going to be short but I was super busy today. I had some cleaning that I wanted to get done & since Paul my husband was off work, I thought this would be a great time to do it. About 3 wks ago we had a bad leak right in the middle of our Living Room. Well it finally got fixed & they really made a mess. Just lots of dust on my pictures & stuff. I cleaned up after they were done but had decided to wait & do the extra stuff while he was off. Anyway I was pleased got most of it done , all I have left is to go through our closet in our room. I save to much stuff but I hate to throw anything the kids do from school cause it is all special to me. I think I got this part of me from my Grandma. She saved everything at least it seemed like it,LOL.

Also today was my step-son Justin's Birthday. He turned 21 wow so hard to believe. When I started seeing his Dad my hubby now he was a freshman in High School. He attends college at Mount Vernon Nazarene. He stays at home w/his Mom in Wooster, Ohio, when not in school. Hoping that maybe soon he can come out for a visit. Anyway Happy Birthday JUSTIN !!!!!!

Also my step-daughter Jessica made it home safe from her LA Mission Trip. We haven't talked to her but I know she had a blast.
Better run for now HUGS :)


Little Ladybugs said...

So glad you had a good day and got so much done. I feel like everyday I get less and less done!!! Saturday maybe I can catch up. Take Care!!

Holly said...

My great grandma was such a pack rat. I remember they found shoeboxes of sweet n low she had taken from restaurants. lol That's neat your stepson goes to MVNU. I've only visited there a couple times but I knew quite a few people who went there. Glad to her your stepdaugher's mission trip went well!

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