Monday, July 20, 2009

A School Update

Wow I finally made it on the computer. Had lots of forms to fill out so I decided to wait til they were all in bed. Just easier that way. Well they all had a great day. Meeting new friends & new teachers my older two seemed really pleased. I love being the one that picks them up cause I get to hear all the news first, Good or Bad.

Well Jennifer had a good time. She goes in the afternoon so for her school starts at 12:15 & gets out at 3:00. This was so funny when we walked up to the Kindergarden gate today, Jennifer said to me it's ok Mom I'm going to be ok & I know you will be here at 3:00. I hadn't said alot too her but I think she knew Mommy might cry but the only thing I had said is that they are happy tears. I did better than I thought & today when I picked her up there was that smile & I heard her tell the teacher my MOMMY is here. Just to see that smile was great. She talked all the way home. So glad things went well.

Just wanted to share a little bit about the school they attend. There school is a yr round school.Which actually when we first moved here I wasn't to sure about. They go to school 9 wks & off 3 wks. It's really nice cause they learn better I think cause they aren't away from class that long, especially while there young. They have 4 quarters & at the end of that they usually get 6 wks off in the summer. This yr they only got 4 wks for summer but the school says it will all fair out in the school yr. It didn't matter my gang was so ready to go back. I really like it cause you don't have the summer to have to keep finding things to do. Also at Christmas & Easter they have a longer break time so if you wanta go out of town you have the x-tra time. It's neat & I like it alot. I think the kids like school better too.

Well again Jennifer had a great time & everyone else. Still hard to believe that time goes by so fast. HUGS :)


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