Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tell Me About It Thursday - Early Childhood Years

I got this idea from a new Blogging friend Sandy & she thought she would start a Thursday Post called Tell Me About It Thursday. So I thought I would give it a try. The topic she gave for today is Early Childhood Years
Wow this could get real interesting for me cause I have a very good memory. I can't remember my first christmas cause I was only 3 months old but I remember my next one just like it was yesterday. I'm going to start with that. I remember getting a rocking chair & sitting it all the time. I just loved it so much. I can also remember my Mom being pregnant w/ my brother & there is only 20 months between us. I think that's pretty neat cause alot of people I have talked to say they can't remember that far back. I had a pretty good childhood, I have a brother & a sister who I love a whole bunch. We always done alot together & my Mom didn't work she stayed home with us.
One thing I do remember doing as a child was going & picking strawberries. Lots & Lots of them, my Mom always made her own jam & jelly. Which was fun & the most AWESOME strawberry shortcake. We would go to this big strawberry patch & pick all day , well it seemed like. Of course when we got home had to help Mom clean them. When I was 10 yrs old something happened to me, I couldn't eat strawberries anymore. Here I developed a allergy to them & it was scarey to cause it affected my throat & causing it to swell. My parents took me to the Dr & so after all that picking strawberries & knowing how great they taste, I can no longer eat them. At first it was tough but then my Dad started buying me peaches to eat & I felt special. I still buy them "Strawberries " today & fix them for my family it's just tough cause I know how great they taste but I deal with it.
All in all I would have to say I had a pretty good childhood & lots of happy memories & a few sad to. I remember most doing things together as a FAMILY & that's the best.


~Sandy~ said...

Great post!!!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful Childhood:) Thanks for joining me!

Bitter Sweet Moments said...

Sounds like a great Christmas!! Happy Thursday!!

Holly said...

Wow you can remember pretty far back! That has to be tough not to be able to eat strawberries!

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