Monday, July 13, 2009

Read With Us

If you are married, what was your marriage like in the beginning ?
I wasn't married when I had my older 2 children, just living together. I have been married since 2006 and it is great. I have a wonderful husband who is terrific. He loves my older 2 children has if they were his own. We have our ups & downs but I think that's normal. We are very happy together. We were together 3 yrs before marriage & we even worked together. I do not work since we moved to Nevada. He feels it's better I'm home with our children.
When did you first decide you wanted children ? Was it planned or unplanned ?
I had always wanted a child forever since I was a little girl. When I started my teen yrs I had lots of female problems & doctors told me I would never have a child. It broke my heart & I used to babysit so much cause I thought I would never have a child. No my children weren't planned but we love them all so much. It has to be the greatest gift in the world. My husband Paul loves children so much & I was so afraid this past pregnancy . After my 3rd child Jennifer, In Feb 2006 & Dec 2007 I had 2 miscarriages. I found out I was pregnant in August of 2008 & the fear of losing another child was terrible for us. We just prayed alot and whatever the Lord decided we would deal with.
What feelings did you have for your child when you first found out you were pregnant ?
Well with my first child it was a total surprise and alot of people have a hard time believing it. I didn't know anything I went to the E.R. for a terrible backache & in 2 hrs after being there I had a wonderful baby boy. He weighted 8lbs & was healthy. When I found out there was a child inside me it was scarey & happy all at the same time. His Dad & me had split up so I did it alone/ with only the Lord. Lots of Love & prayed for them to be healthy.
I didn't call my family til it was over because I was afraid there would be something wrong with my child since I had never been to the doctor.
At what point did you start searching for God ?
I had always been raised going to church but at the time I had my first I had gotta away from church. When I had my son I knew that I needed to get things together because it wasn't just me anymore I had someone to take care of and if we were both going to get though this we needed the Lord. After I had my miscarriages I had a lot of questions Like why the Lord would give us 3 children & now I can't carry these. I knew better but I was upset & I prayed that if I was to get pregnant again that I would be able to carry the baby. The move to Nevada has been stressful for me, I miss my family & friends. One day on Cafe Mom I ran across Holly in our group & she was from Ohio. I became her friend on there and I found out about Carleigh. I was so moved by how strong Holly was & it helped me though my lastest pregnancy. It has changed my life so much & brought me back closer to the Lord. I pray for Holly daily & all the other Mom's Blog's I have started following. They all have helped me get closer to the Lord.
Has there been a time in your life that God provided ?
Yes when I had my son, I wasn't prepared for a child & he helped then. When I was younger & my Father had cancer he was there for us.I know that the Lord is with me & You always & ready to help.


April said...

I was very moved by your post. I can imagine getting pregnant on the offset of experiencing 2 miscarriages would be quite nerve wrecking. I am happy to that God presented Himself to you when you needed it most. Having other moms in similar situations to share their stories is always very uplifting. I know you love your children very much and hope that God continues to light up your life!

Holly said...

How blessed you are to be able to stay home with your children and to have such a wonderful husband! While some moments aren't always wonderful you can always count on each other to be there for love and support.

You must have been so heartbroken to be told you'd never have children. And wow! To be surprised with a baby boy you never even knew you were carrying. How scary yet so exciting! Doctors don't know it all. Only God does and God evidently had it planned that you'd be able to have children!

I can certainly understand your anxiety about having more children after miscarrying. You dont' want to have to keep enduring losing your children that you want very much. I'm glad we came across each other and that we've been able to support each other.

stitchndeb said...

Hey, we're in the same part of the country, I'm in N.M. It's a blessing to be able to stay home for your family. I admire that about your husband a lot! I bet it was a huge shock going to the hospital for a backache and coming home with a baby! Kind of funny too but I've heard of that happening to other people. ~Debbie

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