Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Wow what a Tuesday , it was good for the most part. I took my hubby to work & kids to school. I came home & made Jennifer some toast & fed Carly. Well Carly has been trying to stay up all day & hardly even nap. Today she surprised me & slept for 3 hrs. Mom was happy I got some things done that I needed to do & spent some time with Jennifer. It was really nice. Carly just tries to be to grown up already & tomorrow she is 6 wks old. Well tomorrow is my 6 week check-up hoping it goes well. I'm being brave & taking Jennifer & Carly with me. Should be interesting just hoping they will be good. So all in all it was a good Tuesday !!!


Alyson said...

You live in Nevada!!?? I used to live there when I was little....I am pretty sure we lived In Las Vegas.......My brother went to Brinley middle school and I went to Fong elementary :0) That's about all I can remember as far as area wise is concerned :0)

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