Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award goes too.............

Thank-you so much Alyson for nominating me for this award !!!!!!!!
I'm supposed to say 10 things about myself with full honesty.
I hope some of you still follow me after this ......................
1. I Love My Family & they are so important too me Far Away or Close to me.
2. I Love OHIO & I miss it soooooooo much. I miss alot but work was getting tough where we were from & my Husband Paul got a good job here in Nevada. He has family here but I still get homesick for the small town life & all the pretty green & flowers. Don't get to see much of it here. Believe it or not but I miss the rain ,it doesn't happen much either.
3. I'm scared of HEIGHTS!!!!!! I don't fly at least not yet. I hate climbing too. When I was younger it never mattered, LOL.
4. Love to COOK !!!! Always trying something new at our house. I get bored w/the same old thing.
5.I hate white UNDERWEAR !!!! Yes go ahead & laugh. When I first met my husband that's one thing that had to go. I just like colors & that's all I buy !!!!
6. I hate DIRTY DISHES !!!!!! I can't stand anything in my sink . I won't even go to bed at nite til it's washed or in the dishwasher. I think that came from washing dishes growing up that was my nightly chore.
7. I Love CANDLES !!!! If you read Tuesday's post it says it all.
8. I Love GREETING CARDS !!!! Wow I wish I had my own Card Shoppe. I buy cards 4 anything. When I first started dating my husband, we worked at the same place & I think I bought him a card almost everyday. I remember one day he said we could start a card shoppe with all these. They make so many nowadays I could spend all day picking ones out.
9. I hate SNAKES !!! Last yr I went w/my son Ridge's 1st grade class on a fieldtrip. They got to hold a snake. I just about lost it he even put it around his neck. I know he is a boy & he will do stuff like that.................but not MOM.
10. Finally & I should not have put it last but I LOVE the LORD. He is great & someday I can't wait to meet him. There are so many family members & friends that I want to see again. He has done some awesome things in my LIFE & got me though some tough times & good ones too. I just know he is always there 4 ME & U.
Some of this I know maybe pretty wild but it's just ME , that's how I am & I hope after reading this you still FOLLOW ME !!! I'm still new to all of this & trying to catch on soooooo bear w/me.
Thanx 4 taking the time to read my post, HUGS :)


Holly said...

Thanks for sharing!

Little Ladybugs said...

Very nice, I liked them all..

Adrienne said...

I'll still follow you!

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