Monday, June 22, 2009


A - Age better mark your calander my birthday is Sept 6
B -Bed Size- King I like alot of room in my bed.
C -Chore I hate the most- Dusting
D -Dog's Name- No Dog
E -Essential start your day item- A big glass of ice water when I get up.
F -Favorite Color-Purple
G -Gold or Silver-Silver
H -Height- 5'10
I -Instruments you played- Drums when I was in 5th & 6th grade.
J -Job Title-24 hr a day Mom , Homemaker ,all round go getter ,LOL.
K -Kids-Ridge 9 , Marie 7, Jennifer 5, Carly 7 wks. Step-Kids Justin 20, Jared19, Jessica 18.
L -Living Arrangements- Apartment in Carson City ,Nevada
M -Mom's Name-Mary Margaret
N -Nicknames- Sweet Caroline , CC, Carly , & Babycakes
O -Overnite Stay in Hospital- Only when I had my children & that was a good reason to be there.
P -Pet Peeve-Dirty Dishes & a Messy House.
Q -Life isn't about the breaths you take , it's about the moments that take your breath away.
R -Right or Left Handed-Right
S -Siblings-Kevin 43 and Colleen 39
T -Time you wake up-Right now anywhere between 4 & 5 whenever Little Miss Carly wakes up.
U -Underwear- Always & I love Boy Shorts
V -Vegetable-All of them I love my veggies
W -Ways/ I hate to be late, I like to leave early for anything
X -X-Rays-Had lots of them
Y -Yummy Food I make-Taco Salad & Breakfast McMuffins better than McDonald's, LOL
Z -Zoo Amimals you like-Panda Bear & Seals & Monkeys


Little Ladybugs said...

What a neat topic. It really shows a lot about who your are without having to write tons.. Very nice. Have a great day!!

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