Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6 WEEKS !!!!!

Wow what a day !!!!! I was so busy, it's late but I'm trying to do better & post everyday. Anyway I took my hubby to work so I could use the van. I had my 6 week check-up today at 8:45. Took Ridge & Marie to school & dropped them off first. We got to the Dr's Office at 8:20 cause I hate to be late for anything. I took Jennifer & Carly along & they were both really good. I was a little nervous but things went well & I got a good report. I knew I was fine but once & awhile I still hurt. I guess the main thing that bothered me about the whole appt was what the Dr said at my 1st appt after finding out I was pregnant. Yes I am 44 yrs old & yes some people think it's to late to have a baby. Well I honestly believe that the Lord gave her to us for a reason. Anyway I was 12 wks when I first seen the Dr since I was new to the area & didn't have a OB Dr yet. Well because of my age & the factors that run having a baby at that age, she suggested that I consider terminating . I remember leaving the office & thinking I couldn't do that if I wanted to. She told me I had 24 hrs to decide & I should talk to my husband about it. I would have to go to Reno for the testing to see if anything showed wrong w/ our child. Well I decided when I left the office I would take the chance. My husband couldn't believe that the Dr even suggested that. Well here is the part that gets me. Today I go for my check-up & she tells me how cute & healthy my baby looked. I thought to myself this is the same baby that she sounded almost sure would have a problem because of my age. I'm thankful that things turned out ok but Paul & I decided whatever happened as w/ any of our children we would deal with it. I guess now I worry about the next female that maybe older like me & having a baby someone say that & be scared & do the worst. Anyway that's all I could think about after my appt. Well on a happy note it has been a fast 6 wks & Happy 6 wks old Carly Mommy loves you sooooooooo much.


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