Friday, June 26, 2009


Well I wasn't sure what I was going to do for my blog & I got thinking after my older 2 children had been no help today. I guess what's new it happens all the time. I have always said I have no favorites when it comes to the kids. Well while I was pregnant alot of our friends & family was concerned how Jennifer would react once the new baby came. She handled things fine maybe because she always went to my Dr Appts & she always loved seeing the baby on the ultrasound. She is the best little helper always goes ahead & asks me what she can do & she is only 5. I remember I had about a month left & she came up w/the idea that Daddy & her make me a Cherry Pie while I was in the hospital. Dad never made a pie before & so he didn't wanta buy one well they made a pie . They actually did a great job & it even tasted good. I got Dad ready wks before I went to the hospital. Anyway I think Jennifer is AWESOME & for everyone that worried she is doing ok. Somedays I will be holding Carly & she will say Mom do I have to remind you I'm your kid to. Anyway in 3 wks my Jennifer will be off to Kindergarden & I will miss my little helper. I have been battling my allergies all wk & Jennifer has been a great help. She likes to hide in my Hamper sometimes so one day I caught her , so cute. just thought I would share a cute pic.


Holly said...

What a cute pic in the hamper!

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