Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today was a special day in our family. My step-daughter Jessica Renee Croley graduated from high school in Wooster, Ohio. My husband wanted so much to go but 3 wks ago he found out at work he would have to take his vacation early the last wk of May. The place he works shut down for a week. So it messed up his plans to return to Ohio for her special day. I felt bad but not much we could do. I know down deep inside it hurt but he didn't say much today & I tried not to bring it up. I remember attending her 8th grade graduation & boy how the time as flew by. Anyway I know all of us wished we could have been there. So Jessica we are all very proud of you & we wish you all the best at College.
Today was special for another reason it was my Mom's birthday. We called her & all the grandkids told her Happy Birthday except for Carly but grandma got to hear her fussing a little & so I know that made her happy. Anyway Mom Happy Birthday & we all love you even if we are so far apart we think of you everyday. Love & Kisses & Lots of HUGS !!!!!!!!!!!!


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