Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Short Story Slam ~ Week 18

Life is just like walking in the rain.

Some days are wonderful

Some days are not

One thing I always think of is there are many loved ones in Heaven , I miss.

So while I'm dancing in this rain called LIFE.

I think of my children who are waiting for me.

My Father , Grandparents & Friends.

Most of all I know I'm never alone for they are always there watching over me.

God is always there too.

So walking through life and carrying a umbrella w/always a Angel overhead.

Saying to myself One beautiful day I will see you again.

Thank you God.

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Taylor Boomer said...

so true, well told story, glad to see you share, smiles.

happy new year,
take good care.

Elizena said...

Enjoyed reading this and I'm so glad that we will see our loved ones again one day.
Thanks for sharing. Be blessed!

~L said...

Yes... Thank God.

Beautiful Write... and so fitting to the picture!


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