Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Late Recap of 2011

This is a recap of a few of the things that happened over the past year 2011.

Some really happy , some really sad but together with God we always came out on top.

The start of the year was quite on a sad note. I miscarried a son at 12 wks on Jan 6 , 2011. It was very hard and we miss our Sweet pea very day. We also know that we will see him again when that wonderful day comes & we all go to Heaven to live forever.

Thaniqua's Science Fair project won 1st place. So exciting & what a honor as she won at the Science fair at the college in town then went on to state & placed third.
Yay Thaniqua !!!!!!!!

We spent lots of time working in the school garden. We enjoyed every minute of it.

Ridge , our wonderful , awesome & amazing son that played the part of a girl in the school play.

Saying goodbye to two high school teens that drown in a accident in the early Spring.

Jennifer at the Spring carnival.

Sister's ~ Fun times

Carly getting so big ~ Our precious Rainbow.

Carly's first time on a big swing alone.

Carly & Daddy at the Spanish neighbor's Birthday party.

Jennifer's backpack after four boys from school kicked it in a case of bullying.

It was a year filled with joy & heartache but I do have one more thing but going to save it for tomorrow as I feel it needs it's own post.
Goodnight for now.



That corgi :) said...

I look forward to tomorrow's post, Caroline, but I did enjoy reading over your past year's recap. It was a "wild one" with lots of different emotions, happiness, sadness, joy, love, etc but all in all I think it was a good one for you and yours! Your children are so talented and cute and great achievers at school and the ones waiting you in heaven I am sure are looking forward to that day when you will all be reunited! So we press on to 2012 and see what is in store, I'm sure many good things!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I remember those sad times. Hard to believe sometimes that life continues to move forward. God is good. Praying that 2012 brings bouquets of happiness for you and your family.

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