Saturday, January 28, 2012

One Month ~ Missing You & Growing Up

It's One Month since I lost our little Rosebud ...........

Hard to believe , I think of you so much & I love you pretty baby.

Then there is is this special boy , my only son on earth.

My Ridge Logan

One Month until your birthday.

I will have a 12 year old.

I stop and think of how fast it has went by & sometimes I wish it would slow down.

Next school year is a HUGE one Middle school. Just can't believe it. We already have girls calling , Lol.

I am happy for one main thing is Ridge is a kind & caring boy. He is so against drugs & such. He loves God so much & doesn't hide it.

Ridge I wanta tell you have made me so very proud. I love you so much.



Holly said...

<3 Rosebud

Kristin said...

Thinking of you and your sweet Rosebud. Ridge sounds like a boy to definitely be proud of! Madison will be 12 this year too. Time goes by way too fast!

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