Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Very Own Artist

Last Tuesday when I went to school to pick up the children , Thaniqua came running out & told me her teacher needed to talk to me. Well she wasn't in trouble.

Here her teacher told me Thaniqua's picture was going to be displayed at Artsy Fartsy Gallery on this coming Saturday. They were having reception for the children that were picked. There were five in her class & those were the only children from the whole school too. I was so proud and so excited for her. She did the painting before Christmas break. I had never seen it so I was really excited.

So today at 11am we went to Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery.

Here is Thaniqua's painting.

They could sell them if they wanted to but Thaniqua didn't want to. She wanted to keep her first painting. I told her that was fine.

So here is our very own Thaniqua & her first start as a artist at 9 yrs old.
So proud of you sweetie !!

We also heard today that the gallery likes a lot of Thaniqua's work. So that's a HUGE YAY !!!!!!!!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so exciting and I can see why they want to show it. It is absolutely beautiful. She is really talented. Way to go Thaniqua!

Kristin said...

That's so neat! My 8 year old loves art too. It's so fun to see them grow in their talent and to see them enjoying it too. Her painting is beautiful :)

Trennia said...

That is exciting!
She does beautiful art work!

Kristie said...

How exciting! You must be so proud! :-)

Holly said...

I had to laugh at the name! lol

Thaniqua did an awesome job on the painting!

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