Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon Walk to School

I was walking to get my children from school Tuesday afternoon. Carly fell asleep on me. She was in her stroller. I sorta turned and looked behind me & there was a young girl behind me. I live across from the High school and I remembered seeing her standing in the driveway on her phone. She got beside me & started talking. Told me how she disliked school and such. She is only a freshman so I told her school will probably get better give it some time. Then she went on to tell me how cute my daughter was. She asked how old Carly was I told her.

Then she told me she had a baby ........

She told me she would be 5 months old but she died. I told her how sorry I was. She told me that her foster Mom doesn't like for her to talk about the baby. She kept walking with me and she told me she had a picture on her phone of her little girl. She asked if I would like to see it ? She was precious. She told me she lived 2 hrs , she had her 3 months early. I told her I had 2 miscarriages. We were almost to the school and she asked if I walk everyday. I told her yes and she told me she doesn't like to walk by herself cause kids tease her about the baby. Some boys her age called her some bad names. I told her she was welcome to walk with me any day I leave a little after the high school gets out.

While I waited for school to get out I thought Wow did I have a sign on my forehead I lost a baby or why was she so open. I feel bad that her foster Mom feels that she shouldn't talk about her baby. I talked to Paul Tuesday night & Friday she told me she gets out of school early so I'm gonna invite her over so we can talk. I talked to her a little bit about a few websites. I told her I'm going to work on a memory box for her. It breaks my heart that she was so young to have to go through all that and then not be allowed to talk about her sweet little girl. I'm glad I turned and looked behind me and it makes me feel good that I might be able to help her a little.


Trennia said...

oh,that is sad.praying as you minister to her.God uses you so much to help other's you are such a dear person.I can't wait to meet you someday,rather here on earth or in Heaven.
If you get to know me you'll probally be like omgosh she's a nut case!
I'm goofy,at least that's what my kids tell me.
She probally drew to you cause you are so sweet and I think God leads people to you,cause He knows you will come through for them :)
Your such a great person!

Debby said...

That is a beautiful story and I am so glad that God lead her to you.
This will be so good for her.

Holly said...

I'm glad that she found you and felt open to talk to you. I'm sure you will help her a lot!

Sarita Boyette said...

God put you there to help this young girl - I have no doubt about that. You are a loving, caring person and she saw that in your personality. She needs to talk about her baby so much. If you want me to make her a tag for the memory box, just email me the info & I will mail it to you. God bless you as you minister to this young girl.

That corgi :) said...

I agree with the commenter that said God put you there and had you turn around; what a wonderful experience this will be for both of you, Caroline. It is like the pain you suffered with your miscarriages, you'll be able to use for some good to help this girl who is grieving and hurting over the loss of her precious baby. Got to feel sorry for her too because she obviously for some reason or another doesn't have the support of her mom/family if she is in a foster home. This relationship with her as it grows will change your life.......


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