Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Awesome Story

I usually don't post emails on here but I thought this was interesting and wanted to share it with you. A friend of mine sent me this today and Wow this is so Awesome.

LIVE: Fox 8 News @ 10 p.m.Home > Fox 8 News > Nation World Baby Declared Dead Brought Back To Life By Mother's Touch
Baby Jamie Ogg was delivered nearly three months early showing no signs of life at a hospital in Sydney.
3:45 PM EDT, August 31, 2010

For two hours Kate Ogg cradled the apparently lifeless body of her newborn son.
SYDNEY, Australia -- A pre-mature baby declared dead by doctors miraculously began breathing hours later while being held in the mother's arms.

Baby Jamie Ogg was delivered nearly three months early showing no signs of life at a hospital in Sydney.

After 20 minutes of trying to revive Jamie, doctors said he was dead.

Jamie was handed over to the mother, Kate Ogg, who placed him on her chest so that her husband David and she could say their final goodbyes.

After two hours of being hugged and spoken to by the parents, baby Jamie began to gasp for air.

Doctors originally dismissed the gasp as a "reflex" but Jamie eventually opened his eyes and started moving his head side to side.

It is thought that the warmth of Mrs. Ogg's body acted like an incubator to keep the baby warm and stimulated.


Grace Wheeler said...

wow...that IS awesome!

I was also so moved by seeing the actual pics from your b-i-l's accident. It hits home so much more when you actually SEE how bad it was! I'm so thankful the Lord protected him the way He did!

Trennia said...


Michelle said...

OMG!!!! That is amazing! I almost can't believe it. The work of God is wonderful. That baby had another purpose here on earth.

Holly said...

WOW What a miracle!

Debby said...

I agree with Holly, what a miracle!

Jingle said...

cute post,
thanks for sharing!

Sarita Boyette said...

Truly a miracle about that baby!
It is also a miracle your brother in law survived the accident.Yes, the Lord is good!

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